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Sustainable Irish Jewellery Packaging

We pride ourselves in our expertly handcrafted jewellery made from recycled precious metals. However, our values go beyond the eye-catching piece of jewellery we create. Dána Project’s first tangible touch point with customers is when our package gets delivered to their front door. This is why we have put so much effort into creating a premium experience which aligns to Dána Project’s core values. Here’s why we’re proud of the latest version of our packaging:


You’ll notice all Dána Project jewellery is designed with a heavy and chunky style. We don’t just do this for aesthetics and brand recognition. A heavy piece of jewellery will last a lifetime and withstand life’s wear tear much better than its dainty counterpart. We want our customers to hand down their jewellery to the next generation – not get lost in the scrap heap.

Similarly, Dána Project packaging is made to be long lasting. Using recycled cardboard is a step in the right direction, but we’re yet to hear of anyone cherishing a cardboard box for years and years. These boxes quickly end up in the bin or at best get recycled (again at a carbon cost). We have always opted for wooden jewellery boxes that will withstand time and rival the longevity of your Dána Project pieces. Plus, you’ll be surprised how handy a small wooden box can be.

Paulownia Wood

We did a lot research to find a suitable material to create our jewellery boxes. We were set on wood to ensure a long-lasting product and wanted a material that had environmental benefits. In the end, we found the perfect material. Here’s why:

While Oak and Beech trees produce beautiful hard wood and absorb enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, they typically take too long to grow and are therefore not viewed as sustainable timber. Pine trees grow fast but make for dark and limited habitats. On the other hand, the Paulownia tree creates highly diverse habitats. Its flowers are rich in nectar and large leaves contain high nutritional value for wildlife and act as a soil fertiliser. It absorbs 10 times more carbon dioxide than the average tree. It grows extremely fast reaching 6 metres in a single year. After just 4 years they are ready to be used as timber furniture. Paulownia trees are also great at growing in poor soil quality and repair polluted soil of impurities in less than five years. Not only is it very sustainable, the Paulownia tree produces one of the strongest timbers in the world and makes for the perfect material for our Dána Project packaging.

Sustainable Irish Jewellery Packaging

Mailer Box Meets Jewellery box

A large brown mailer box, to hold a fancy smaller box, to hold your jewellery box. That’s a lot of boxes. While it’s hard not to love luxury packaging, for us, it just doesn’t make sense to waste that much cardboard. We designed one wooden box that is sturdy enough to withstand international shipping, beautiful in design to give a feeling of luxury and the perfect size to store your jewellery. Maximum luxury and functionality, with considerably less waste.

Sustainable Jewellery Packaging

The Extras

Everybody loves an unexpected gift. Plus, we want to make sure you have the right tools to keep your Dána Project ring shining bright forever. That’s why our packaging includes a pouch to keep your ring protected and a professional polishing cloth so you can keep your piece of jewellery looking brand new.

Sustainable Irish Jewellery Packaging


Dána Project is always trying to improve. If you have any suggestions to make our packaging even better, please drop us a line at


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