Honest Pricing - Demi-fine Jewellery

Traditional fine jewellery is typically bought to celebrate weddings, birthdays or special life events with expensive pieces of jewellery. Fine jewellery is handcrafted with precious materials but comes with high price tags, driven by the industry's high mark ups.

Demi-fine jewellery is a fresh approach to the jewellery industry. Demi-fine jewellery is still handcrafted by expert goldsmiths and still made of the same precious materials, the only is difference is that Demi-fine Jewellery leaves out the high mark-ups and sells high quality, sustainable fine jewellery to customers at accessible prices.

Dána Project is a Demi-fine Jewellery brand. We are not a traditional goldsmith. Our goldsmiths handcraft jewellery using precious materials without the traditional high mark ups. We want our friends and our customers to enjoy high quality, sustainable fine jewellery without having to wait for an expensive special occasion.

We are transparent with our costs and provide Honest Pricing information for all of our pieces. Below is our Honest Pricing information for one of our first ever rings, The Ciorcal.

 Demi-fine Jewellery - Circle Silver Signet Ring