Dána; Irish word for: Bold, Daring, Forward, Audacious

Dána Project is changing the fine jewellery industry. We handcraft high quality, sustainable fine jewellery without the traditional mark-ups.

Irish jewellery designer

Our Story

Dána Project was founded by Irish jewellery designer, Cillian Hilliard. One weekend spent playing with fire, turned into a mission to create. Using a tin bucket and a hair dryer to turn used Guinness cans into a heavy, unpolished ring covered in imperfections. It’s bold style intrigued, its recycled story inspired, but most of all it sparked the idea for Dána Project. After years of handcrafting fine jewellery in his garden shed, Cillian uncovered the true cost of creating fine jewellery, both to the environment and to the wallet. He quickly realised that most of today's fine jewellery is overpriced and created in an unsustainable way. The opportunity was obvious, the idea simple. Dána Project was founded, a brand new Irish jewellery company with a bold mission - to change the traditional fine jewellery industry through sustainable practices and honest prices.

Our Mission

Dána Project is changing the traditional jewellery industry and we need your help. For centuries, we've extracted precious materials from the earth to create pieces of jewellery and sold them for overly high prices. Very little thought, if any, is given towards the destruction caused during the process. The year is now 2021 and the time has come for change. We've done the maths in our blog post and the results are compelling. Choosing a recycled silver signet ring like ours instead of mined silver saves on carbon emissions equivalent to the total emissions generated from the production 482 paper cups. This does not take into account the habitats destroyed and chemicals released during the mining process, which causes the eutrophication of water sources, acidification of ground and toxicification of air. The figures consider just one single signet ring; the global jewellery industry produces c. 2.7 billion pieces of jewellery every year.

Irish jewellery design process
Irish jewellery design materials

Help Our Mission

What chance does an Irish jewellery company have at changing the €252 billion jewelry industry overnight? Not much, but we do have a voice and access to an audience. We want to make recycled and honestly-priced jewellery the new norm and this can only be done by increased consumer demand. The more traction and interaction Dána Project gets, the more pressure will be placed on larger jewellery companies to switch to recycled materials and honest pricing.

So how can you help? The obvious answer is to purchase a Dána Project piece of jewellery and directly save on carbon emissions. Your support will enable us to grow and create sustainable consumer trends within industry.

If you're not in the market for a new piece of jewellery, there are other ways to help:

  • Sign up to the Dána Project Email list
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  • Tell your family / friends about recycled jewellery

If you think of any other way to help us, we'd love to hear from you, please email cillian@dana-project.com