Sustainable Jewellery Brand

Sustainable Jewellery Brand

The first ever Dána Project ring was created from used Guinness cans in a garden shed. Dána Project aims to mirror its history of recycling and continue to create fine jewellery in the most sustainable fashion possible to become a leading sustainable jewellery brand.

Eco-Friendly Material

Dána Project's jewellery is created using Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver alloy. We source 100% recycled silver and alloy the grain ourselves to make our Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver unique to Dána Project pieces. Silver mining, is a major carbon emitter and has numerous negative impacts on our environment (see our blog post for more information). We decided we no longer wanted to endorse silver mining and opted to use recycled silver for all our jewellery. It may be a drop in the ocean, but even a drop causes ripples and hopefully other jewellery companies follow suit to begin using recycled alternatives in their pieces.


We worked hard to ensure our jewellery packaging is not only sturdy enough to withstand international shipping and beautiful in design to give a feeling of luxury, but also created to align with our core value of sustainability. See our blog post to understand why we are so proud of our jewellery packaging. 

Ethical Production

Dána Project is a sustainable jewellery brand. We handcraft every piece of jewellery in Dublin City centre. Each of our goldsmiths involved in the process isn't just a part of the assembly line, but close friends of the brand who work in safe and empowering environments.

Our Hit List

Dána Project aims to create truly sustainable jewellery, but lets face it, nobody is perfect. There's some aspects of our process and product that need improvement and they're very much on our hit list:

Process: One part of our creation process involves using an ancient jewellery method to cast precious materials into pieces of fine jewellery we love. Unfortunately casting involves melting precious metals at high temperatures which creates a carbon footprint.  We're working on ways of offsetting this carbon footprint in a way that matches the Dána Project brand.

There will always be aspects we can improve on, whether it's the ink used to print labels, the mode of transport we take to the office or the food we eat at lunch. We are committed to constantly improving on our sustainability and become a leading sustainable jewellery brand. We're very open to hearing any suggestions that might help us on our way. Please email with any helpful hints.