The Process

Each Dána Project design is created by Irish jewellery designer, Cillian Hilliard. His self-taught techniques come from years of trial and error, hundreds of failed casts and countless burnt fingers. Each design is created using fire, sand and a few hand tools. The original style is heavily influenced by the unique process itself with new attributes to each piece being conceived by different steps in the process. Every design is iterated countless times over several months before its good enough for our customers. As the process continues to evolve, the style of Dána Project evolves with it. 

Dána Project goldsmiths have been creating the finest luxury jewellery Ireland has to offer for decades. The small, highly experienced team, located overlooking Grafton Street in the heart of Dublin's city centre, handcraft by casting, filing, polishing, soldering and stamping all Dána Project jewellery. The careful and sustainable process creates a truly unique piece of sustainable fine jewellery that will last you a life time.


jewellery making process